Company story

Oxxu Brands is the company behind the brand of Holomonsters. Here you can learn more info about our journey!


The Holomonsters hologram game pilot saw the sunlight in Finland! We wanted to create a world that could connect immersive holograms, action and nature based monsters together.

2023 Spring

After pilot sales we went back to the designing table while we got shoutout from the German main news media!

That caused over 30 000 people to go to Amazon in one night to buy Holomonsters but we did not have even a single unit stock there..

2023 Summer

We got Holomonsters game 2.0 to the test markets!

2023 Autum

We got nominated to Shark Tank Finland TV:show. That was Amazing, we got a ton of good feedback after the series came out and a lot of new collectors found the fun of the Holomonsters!

The Holomonsters comic series development started!

2024 February

Spielwarenmesse toy fair! Finally we got to show our creations to the other creative minds of the toy industry.

Soon we will have news for you!

2024 May

Holomonsters Exclusive collaboration in Malaysia. We are part of a cool collaboration with Simplify networks. The first touch in the Asian market!

2024 Summer

Holomonsters game and trading cards are on sale on platform.

2024 Summer

New areas and collaborations are revealed soon!