You have just entered into a big adventure, welcome!

Have you ever wondered about a sudden breeze on a completely calm day, seen northern lights dancing in the night sky, or experienced the incredible power of an earthquake?

Holomonsters are behind these events as they use their extraordinary forces to battle against a wide variety of threats that could harm our life on the Earth!

We could say that Holomonsters serve as guardians of our planet. Each Holomonster has their special abilities but one thing is common to all of them. Holomonsters are able to travel in their world as holograms. That's why it is difficult to spot them if you don’t know where to look at the right time.

Story begins with a small little Holomonster named Findie who needs to go on a big adventure to find other captured Holomonsters to save the world.

All the Holomonsters need to be found so they can bring back the balance of laws of nature and defeat their nemesis from Shadow World.

Would you like to meet Searagon “ The guardian of the seas” or funny little Flake “Guardian of snowy regions”?

Together with Holomonsters you will learn important life lessons about our beautiful and unique planet Earth while having futuristic fun at the same time.