Holomonsters x Simplify Exclusive drop

Oskari — Founder

Holomonsters has partnered with Simplify Networks to bring Holomonsters into Malaysia! Together with the innovative team of Simplify we have created an exclusive collaboration product line where Holomonsters are presented as part of it.

The coolest part is that the world of Holomonsters has got a new monster. Guardian of the thunderous skies of Earth. Let me introduce you to the Thunderbird!

This legendary Holomonsters is available only in Malaysia and first edition Thunderbird trading cards have printed only 1000 units. That’s rare!

Go check out more from the sites of Simplify: https://simplify.network/

We wish you all a great time while collecting Holomonsters and we welcome all the creative minds of Malaysia to the Holomonsters world!

All the best,